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R & D

10th anniversary celebrations of Hong Kong letter glass


    Luoyang port letter Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the famous glass capital, toughening furnace manufacturing base - Luoyang. In 2007, 3, a professional glass processing equipment manufacturer specializing in R & D and manufacturing was set up by the Luoyang Municipal Commerce Bureau.

After years of hard work, the company has realized the leap forward development from the zero start. It has become the rising star of the steel furnace manufacturing base in Luoyang. It leaps to the top four of the steel furnace industry, and the company has independent foreign trade management autonomy. The senior technical team, the mature manufacturing process and the perfect technical support made the Hong Kong glass series deep processing equipment win wide acclaim in the customer group.

The main products of our company are: GX series horizontal roller flat bending double use glass tempering production line (soft shaft bending and hard axis bending), GX series forced convection furnace, GX series hyperboloid tempered glass production line, GX series horizontal roller flat steel glass production line, GX series special-shaped curved steel glass production line, GX series tempered glass homogenization Furnace series and so on.

Luoyang Hong Kong letter as a professional glass processing equipment manufacturing enterprise, Hong Kong letter people adhering to the "quality first, integrity first, service first, customer first" concept, constantly improve the service level of enterprises, meticulously build a skilled, excellent quality of the installation and after-sales service team, the establishment of a perfect sale The post service guarantee system has established a good corporate image and created its own brand.

At present, the equipment of Hong Kong credit company has been spread all over the country, and it has also been exported to all parts of the world. At home, the Hong Kong letter office is mainly distributed in Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu and other major cities, and abroad, Turkey, India, Iran, Thailand and so on.