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  • Flat Tempering equipment French – Chinese co-operation to your advantage

    Time:2013-10-24 16:27:36 Hits:406

    On September 20th 2013 the companies GMC For Glass Industry and Luoyang GANGXIN Glass Technology have signed an official agreement for the European and CIS ( previous Soviet countries ) markets, with respectively the following obligations;

    GANGXIN company, with more than 8 years  existence, will design and produce the Tempering Equipment sections.

    GMC For Glass Industry, with more than 22 years existence, will design and provide the Tempering Equipment control system, as well as local service.

    Both companies having a great number of references on this market and long time experience in this field, have the willingness to develop sales, providing a Tempering Equipment with mutual technical improvements for the benefit of glass quality, float and low E glass, productivity, energy consumption saving and equipment reliability, providing service either from French office or Polish office.

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