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  • Luoyang GangXin Glass Technology Co.,ltd was established in 2007 and located in Luoyang, Which is a comprehensive hi-tech enterprise in the research, design, production, sales and services of glass processing technology. 

    After year of hard efforts, we realize the great leap forward development from zero started; At the same time, we get the foreign Trade Autonomy. The experienced Technical team, the mature manufacturing process and perfect technical support, make GX series glass processing equipment won widespread praise from customers.

    Our main products are : GX-P Standard Flat Glass Tempering Furnace, GX-P-T Passing Through Flat Glass Tempering Furnace, GX-SSP Double Chambers Forced Convection Glass Tempering Furnace, GX-LXP Continuous Flat Glass Tempering Furnace, GX-Y Lengthwise Bending & Tempering Furnace, GX-LXY Continuous Lengthwise Bending & Tempering Furnace, GX-R Cross Bending & Tempering Furnace, GX-YX Asymmetrical Bending & Tempering Furnace, GX-SQ Double Curved Bending & Tempering Furnace etc. 

    As a professional glass processing machinery manufacturer, Quality first, Integrity First, Service Foremost and Customers Foremost is our philosophy. Service of the enterprise is improved constantly, and the most skilled installation and after-sales services tam has been built for promoting service, which help to build up the image and brand of the company. 

    As far now, GangXin Machinery are all over the country, and in most of the cities, we ‘ve set Services Department; At abroad, GangXin Machinery are sold to more than 25 countries, including USA, Canada, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Australia, France, The Netherland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Kosovo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Georgia, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, South Korea etc. 


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      Luoyang GangXin Glass Technology Co.,Ltd

      Add: No.246, Jinshui Avenue, Airport Industrial Zone, Luoyang, Henan Province China

      Tel: +86-186 3791 7090

      Fax: +86-379-62201609

      E-Mail: export01@lygangxinglass.com

      Web: www.lygangxinglass.com

      Oversea Sales Manager: Tracy Liu

      Email: export01@lygangxinglass.com

      Mob/Whatsapp: +86-186 3791 7090

      Oversea Sales: Michael Sun

      Email: sales01@lygangxinglass.com

      Mob/Whatsapp:+86-186 3848 1875

      Oversea Sales: Jacky Lee

      Email: sales02@lygangxinglass.com

      Mob/Whatsapp:+86-157 6394 0914

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