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  • Dear Customer:

    The company's leading product tempering furnace unit has a relatively complete after-sales service and spare parts sales service system both internationally and domestically.

    Gangxin Company adheres to the service concept of "Quality First, Integrity First, Service First, Customer First"; customer-centric, with the fastest speed, the best skills, and the most considerate service to achieve "there is no best, Only better” service goal. Improve customer satisfaction through timely, thoughtful and satisfactory services, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Gangxin's brand and leading the new trend of industry services.

    The customer service center is headquartered in Luoyang Company, providing thoughtful and efficient consultation and services to users at home and abroad. In order to serve everyone more conveniently and quickly, we have set up a service hotline 18637989096, because while we are committed to pursuing perfect products, we pay more attention to fast and efficient service!

    During the production process of your equipment, if there is a problem, you can solve it in the following ways:

    1. Call the after-sales service center of Gangxin Company to inquire about the solution of related problems. If you can't solve it by yourself, you can apply for after-sales service (24 hours a day).

    2. Apply for after-sales service directly to the customer service department of Gangxin Company by dialing the hotline of the service center; hotline: 0379-62268689, the customer service wiring specialist will help convey the after-sales service application (8 hours during normal working hours).

    3. Apply for after-sales service by fax, describe the problem and phenomenon in detail, and indicate the equipment model, user name, contact information and other information so that the after-sales service personnel can follow up in time. Fax can be sent to 0379-62201609.

    4. If you encounter untimely service or dissatisfaction with the quality of after-sales service, you can call the complaint hotline 0379-63711056, and the headquarters will verify, supervise and follow-up feedback on related services.

    Improve customer satisfaction through timely, thoughtful and satisfactory services, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Gangxin's brand and leading the new trend of industry services.

    The domestic after-sales service department of Gangxin Company is located at No. 25, Airport Road, Laocheng District, Luoyang City.

    After-sales service includes: technical services of the headquarters and on-site; equipment process debugging; management, distribution and sale of user spare parts and spare parts; technical training for users before and after sales; determination, organization and implementation of user technical transformation project plans Wait.

    Fast and efficient, customer first, service first is the purpose of after-sales service work.

    The specific after-sales service content is as follows:

    1.Technical Service:

    1)  Provide users with equipment and process technical consultation, and propose the best applicable models, layout and basic requirements of the equipment installation site technical solutions, so as to facilitate users to make reference choices.

    2)  Install, debug and accept the sold equipment according to the plan, debug the best process parameters according to the technical requirements, and manufacture qualified tempered glass products.

    3) Provide life-long maintenance technical services for equipment free of charge.

    4) Responsible for the organization and implementation of necessary technical transformations and upgrades after long-term operation of the equipment to keep the equipment in the best operating state.

    2.Technical training for user personnel:

    1) Provide up to hundreds of pages of user technical guides, including equipment technical descriptions, common troubleshooting solutions, processing methods and conventional process parameters.

    2)  Conduct pre-sales and post-sales theoretical practical training for user operators to ensure that they can operate independently.

    3)  Answer and solve difficult problems encountered by users in the process of production and maintenance at any time.

    3.Daily service:

    1)Set up a user service hotline to receive calls and visits from users at any time.

    2) Respond to users' service applications and complaints within 12 hours and track follow-up services.

    3) Regularly conduct user phone calls and special personnel return visits.

    4) For problems that need to be dealt with on-site, our company guarantees that it will be in place within 12-36 hours within the province and 24-36 hours outside the province.

    4.Spare parts supply

    Gangxin Company has established a special spare parts warehouse in Luoyang for users to provide fast and efficient spare parts services; provide spare parts for a long time, and spare parts are provided free of charge during the warranty period (except for man-made damage and consumables).

    5.user files

    Establish complete, accurate and detailed user files, including user contact information, equipment technical information, equipment installation and maintenance information, spare parts information, telephone faxes, etc., to achieve one file for each household, managed by a dedicated person, and keep secrets for users.

    6.Paid service

    1) During the warranty period, if the components fail for non-human reasons, our company will replace them for free (material costs, labor costs, etc.), and no fees (except for consumables). Due to system failures caused by human factors, our company will charge material fees, waived labor and travel expenses;

    2) After the warranty period expires, if the component fails, our company's on-site service will charge material costs, labor costs and travel expenses.

    We hope that through our after-sales service, we can ensure that the equipment sold is in a good and controlled state, so that the equipment produced by Gangxin can operate efficiently and create the best economic benefits for users.

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