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  • Energy saving of tempering furnace, starting from details

    Time:2022-03-08 15:43:03 Hits:244

    Usually,in the electricity cost of glass deep processing enterprises,the tempering furnace accounts for the largest proportion,which means that energy-saving tempering furnaces can help enterprises save a considerable amount of electricity expenses.

    As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development,design,and manufacturing of glass tempering equipment,Gangxin continuously improves the equipment from various details to achieve energy-saving and power reduction of the tempering furnace.

    Gangxin Steel Furnace

    Furnace insulation

    For glass tempering with a thickness of 4mm or more,the main energy consumption unit is in the heating section.The heat required for heating the glass is constant,and reducing heat loss during equipment operation is an important way to control energy consumption.The heat loss in the heating section mainly comes from the furnace wall of the heating furnace.

    The structure of the Gangxin tempering furnace is a fully enclosed heating furnace body,using high-quality insulation materials,with good insulation performance.The heating time from 25℃to 700℃is 3-4 hours,and the average natural cooling rate is less than 15℃per hour within 24 hours,greatly reducing heat loss and thereby reducing equipment power consumption.

    Variable frequency technology

    The blower is an important high-power equipment in the process of glass tempering,which has a significant impact on the quality of glass tempering.

    During the tempering process,the thicker the glass,the longer the heating time,and the longer the entire tempering cycle of the glass.Due to the long heating time of thick glass,the interval between the cooling of two pieces of glass becomes longer,and traditional fans continue to consume electrical energy during the interval,which will result in useless work.

    The entire Gangxin tempering furnace is controlled by an industrial control computer and PLC,with an imported control system for the main drive.It has variable frequency stepless speed regulation,high accuracy,and good stability.For different thicknesses of glass tempering,frequency conversion technology can automatically adjust to meet the requirements of air volume and pressure in the cooling zone during glass tempering,which is conducive to reasonable allocation of quenching and cooling waiting time,greatly reducing the useless work of the fan and effectively reducing unit energy consumption,There is a significant effect in saving electricity.

    Tempering process

    Quenching the heated glass is an important step in the production of tempered glass using the physical tempering method.The heating of the glass needs to be uniform,and the basic requirement for quenching is fast and uniform.

    Gangxin starts from both heating and cooling,and the heating system of the tempering furnace can set the heating curve reasonably,which is in line with the glass heat absorption process,thereby effectively improving heating efficiency;At the same time,the selection of fans can be customized according to customer needs,which can reasonably reduce quenching time and avoid unnecessary waste while completing the tempering effect.

    The combined effect of the two further improves the energy-saving effect,and the glass that has been uniformly heated and cooled has uniform stress and better quality.

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