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  • Safety Month | Improve safety management level and enhance emergency response capabilities

    Time:2023-06-30 16:09:44 Hits:524

    June 2023 is the 22nd safety production month,and Hong Kong CITIC Glass carries out various activities under the theme of"everyone speaks safety and everyone knows emergency"to enhance emergency response capabilities and promote rapid improvement of safety management level.

    On June 28th,we specially invited Dr.Jiang Bing,the chief of the Mengjin District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital,and other doctors to the company for safety emergency rescue knowledge training and practical emergency drills.More than 30 management personnel above the team leader and employee representatives participated.Through standardized and vivid demonstration teaching,the safety rescue awareness and practical ability of employees were enhanced.

    Firstly,Dr.Dong Yanlong from the orthopedic department explained in detail the key steps and precautions for trauma first aid.After mechanical injuries and other injuries occur,hemostasis,bandaging,fixation,transportation,etc.should be done separately,and timely medical treatment should be chosen to ensure timely treatment after the injury occurs.


    Secondly,Dr.Li Hairui from the emergency department explained daily rescue methods such as prevention and first aid for heatstroke,cardiopulmonary resuscitation after cardiac arrest,and Heimlich maneuver after airway foreign body obstruction.

    1.In hot summer weather,production line workers should especially take measures to prevent heatstroke,and provide first aid if they feel unwell:

    (1)Move:Quickly move the patient to a cool and ventilated area.

    (2)Application:Cold water towels can be used to apply to the head,or ice bags or blocks can be placed on the patient's head,armpits,thigh roots,etc.

    (3)Promotion:Place the patient in 4℃water and massage the skin of the limbs to dilate skin blood vessels,accelerate blood circulation,and promote heat dissipation.Stop cooling when the anal temperature drops to 38℃.

    (4)Immersion:Immerse the patient's body at a 45 degree angle in well water at around 18℃,with the degree of immersion in the chest.Elderly,frail,and cardiovascular disease patients cannot tolerate low water temperatures.

    (5)Wipe:Use a towel to wipe the surroundings of the patient's body immersed in water,turn the skin red,and generally wipe for about 15-30 minutes.Loosen the clothes and pants to facilitate breathing and heat dissipation.

    2.If someone suddenly falls to the ground in daily life,immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation may be able to save a person's life.The main steps are to assess awareness,seek help,check and unblock the respiratory tract,artificial respiration,and chest compressions.


    3.Sometimes,when eating and dining,there may be obstruction of foreign bodies in the airway,which can be treated quickly and scientifically.If the golden time cannot be used for treatment,it may cause adverse consequences.Timely treatment can also cause irreversible damage.Dr.Li explained in detail:standing abdominal impact method,supine abdominal impact method,self-help abdominal impact method,children's abdominal impact method,chest impact method,back tapping combined with chest impact method,and other methods.

    Finally,emergency doctors will demonstrate the complete steps and precautions of cardiopulmonary resuscitation on site.


    Through today's emergency rescue knowledge training and drills,the trainees have truly mastered daily emergency rescue methods.After the training and drills,we do not want everyone to use these methods.However,if there is a sudden accident,the purpose of our learning is to quickly use scientific emergency rescue methods to rescue people from danger.

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