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  • Eurasia Glass 2022 | The wonderful moment of Gangxin Glass and Türkiye

    Time:2022-12-30 15:51:54 Hits:209

    On November 12-16,2022,Luoyang Port Credit sent a team composed of the Ministry of Foreign Trade,the After sales Department and other comrades to participate in Türkiye's Eurasia Glass Expo 2022.


    As the most important glass industry trade exhibition in Eurasia,Türkiye Istanbul Glass Exhibition provides glass machinery and equipment that are crucial to the supply and service of glass industry,bringing together the glass industry of local and international companies operating in different branches in Europe.

    In the context of the COVID-19 and the global economic downturn,Eurasia Glass 2022 has provided confidence for the glass industry chain in Eurasia.Under the influence of epidemic control,Eurasia Glass Expo has returned strongly after three years.Hongkong Trust Glass appreciates the opportunity of communication in this exhibition.It can not only communicate with old friends whom it has not seen in three years,but also provide services for customers in Türkiye.We will discuss the latest products and development trends of glass machinery together,and also look forward to the future of the Eurasian market.


    Exhibition successfully signed

    After the exhibition,the foreign trade department of the exhibitors visited the new and old customers in Türkiye.At the same time,the after-sales department of the exhibitors provided installation and after-sales services for customers.


    Newly installed equipment

    Guo Chengbo,from the after-sales department,often works overtime until 10 pm,racing against time to catch up with the progress and completing the installation and debugging ahead of schedule,allowing the customer to smoothly put into production.He installed a new equipment GX-QDLP2860-FT,and the customer praised the speed of Hong Kong Telecom and the hard work of Guo Gong.


    Li Yi,the after-sales department,provides after-sales service at customer factories during the day and shuttles between different cities by bus at night.He maintains 9 equipment within 25 days,and his exquisite skills are highly praised by users.

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