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  • What are the characteristics of heating in a glass tempering furnace

    Time:2024-03-02 17:03:36 Hits:339

    The application of glass tempering furnace is simple and easy to operate,but in use,attention should be paid to the temperature setting of the heating furnace.The manufacturer of Gangxin tempering furnace equipment will introduce the setting principles to everyone.

    The temperature of the glass tempering furnace should be set within a reasonable range and cannot be easily adjusted.Minor adjustments to the temperature of the glass tempering furnace can affect the heating efficiency of the glass.

    Secondly,it is necessary to completely eliminate the stress on the glass of the glass tempering furnace.The residual stress in glass can easily cause fracture when tensile stress is formed in the center of the glass during the early stage of quenching.


    Additionally,it should be noted that the temperature of the glass in the glass tempering furnace should not cause deformation of the glass,so the furnace temperature should not be set too high.Due to the absorption of infrared rays by glass,the infrared wavelength should be within the absorption range of glass.

    The production of tempered glass requires a glass tempering furnace for processing,which includes processes such as heating and cooling.Different processing processes have different characteristics.Today,the editor will talk to you about the heating characteristics of tempering furnaces:

    1.Unique ceramic roller drive synchronization device

    Although the orthogonal belt transmission reduces the impact of the transmission process on the ceramic roller conveyor in many glass tempering furnaces,it cannot fully guarantee the synchronization of the roller conveyor transmission.Due to the asynchronous ceramic roller conveyor,when the glass moves back and forth in the tempering furnace,relative sliding occurs between the glass and the roller conveyor,causing small scratches on the lower surface of the glass;When heating multiple pieces of glass simultaneously,there may be positional displacement or collision;To solve this problem,we adopted the roller track composite transmission synchronization technology,which is an orthogonal circular transmission belt and an interconnected circular transmission belt.In this way,the belt wrap angle on each ceramic roller conveyor reaches 540 degrees(and is driven by three layers),and even if there is a problem of individual transmission belt breakage,there will be no quality problems.This completely solves the synchronization and reliability of the transmission,ensuring synchronous transmission of all rollers,greatly improving heating quality and yield.

    2.Roller conveyor mechanism

    The glass tempering furnace is equipped with a specialized ceramic roller conveyor transportation mechanism.With this mechanism,people can complete the disassembly of the ceramic roller conveyor without entering the furnace,which is fast and convenient,and saves more than half of the maintenance time during shutdown.

    3.Advanced insulation technology

    The use of special high-density insulation board,combined with the use of insulation anchoring method to eliminate thermal short circuits,makes the insulation effect superior.At room temperature,the outer surface temperature of the glass tempering furnace does not exceed 50℃.After power outage and insulation for 12 hours,the temperature drop of the furnace is only 150 degrees.Heating up for 30 minutes can reach the set temperature.

    4.Roller conveyor design

    Due to the continuous oscillation of the ceramic roller on the glass tempering furnace during glass heating,the material,surface condition,and specifications of the ceramic roller all affect the quality of glass heating.During the entire tempering process,the quality of ceramic rollers has a significant impact.Therefore,we use imported high-precision silicon ceramic rollers with fine workmanship,high surface processing accuracy,strong bending resistance,and large effective load,resulting in fewer heating defects.

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