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  • How to use a tempering furnace to make curved glass?

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    Curved glass is widely used in fields such as architecture,automotive,and home decoration due to its special appearance and excellent performance.However,due to the difficulty in processing curved glass,many companies often cannot produce high-quality curved glass.Tempering furnace is a very important glass processing equipment,which can effectively solve the manufacturing problem of curved glass.Below,we will unveil the mystery of how to use a tempering furnace to make curved glass.


    The production process of curved glass

    The processing of curved glass involves multiple processes such as cutting,grinding,cleaning,tempering,and post-processing.Among them,quenching curved glass is a very important process.

    1.Original cutting

    Original cutting is the process of cutting large pieces of flat glass into small pieces according to the required size and shape.In order to eliminate burrs,debris,etc.that may occur during the cutting process,it is necessary to polish and clean them to ensure the quality of future processing.

    2.Tempering treatment

    Tempering treatment is the process of forming uniform compressive stress on the surface of glass,thereby improving its strength,heat resistance,and impact resistance.For curved glass,special tempering processes are required,including adjusting furnace temperature,controlling heating time,adjusting wind pressure,etc.During the tempering process,it is necessary to strictly control the furnace temperature and heating time to ensure the curvature and flatness of the curved glass.In addition,the control of wind pressure is also an important parameter,which can affect the stress distribution and uniformity on the glass surface.

    3.Post processing

    Post processing includes drilling,edge grinding,coating,packaging,and other processes.In the post-processing process,it is necessary to ensure that the shape and quality of the curved glass meet the requirements,while preventing scratches and pollution.Coating can improve the UV resistance and anti glare ability of curved glass,extending its service life.Finally,suitable packaging materials should be selected during the packaging process to ensure the safety of curved glass during transportation and storage.

    The role of tempering furnace in the production of curved glass

    Tempering furnace is an important curved glass processing equipment,whose main function is to use high temperature and rapid cooling to generate uniform stress on the glass surface,thereby improving its strength,heat resistance,and impact resistance.Specifically,the functions of the tempering furnace are as follows:

    1.Uniform heating

    In order to ensure the balance of furnace temperature,advanced heating methods such as radiation heating and circulating air heating are generally adopted.This can evenly heat curved glass when heated,effectively preventing deformation,cracks,and other phenomena caused by uneven temperature.

    2.Rapid cooling

    Tempering furnaces generally have strong heat dissipation systems,including tuyeres,air knives,etc.By adjusting process parameters such as cooling air flow rate and wind pressure,rapid cooling of the glass surface can be achieved in a short period of time,thereby achieving the goal of rapid solidification.By adopting this technology,the strength and impact resistance of curved glass can be greatly improved.


    3.Bending forming

    Tempering furnaces typically have a range of adjustable furnace temperatures and heating times.For curved glass with different shapes and curvature,bending can be achieved by adjusting the heating temperature and time.At high temperatures,glass becomes soft and easy to shape.By controlling the heating temperature and time,the curvature radius and curvature can be precisely controlled to meet different application requirements.

    4.Quality control

    The tempering furnace is equipped with various sensors and automatic control systems,which can monitor the temperature and glass status in real time.Through intelligent control and automation technology,the heating and cooling processes can be precisely controlled to ensure the stable and reliable quality of curved glass.At the same time,output can be increased and energy consumption can be reduced by adjusting process parameters and optimizing production processes.

    To make curved glass using a tempering furnace,precise control of multiple processes is required.In the production process,it is necessary to strictly follow the production process and technical specifications to ensure the quality and reliability of the finished product.At the same time,safety issues should be taken seriously in production,and corresponding protection and safety measures should be taken to ensure the safety of production and personnel.On this basis,through continuous practice and accumulation of experience,the production efficiency and quality of curved glass are greatly improved to meet the needs of more customers.

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